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Webinar – Background Check: The Why and How of Background Threshold Values

During environmental site assessments, background levels represent the concentrations of hazardous substances used as defensible reference points to determine whether a release has occurred. In an upcoming webinar, Dr. Kenneth S. Tramm will explain why understanding “background” is so important in the risk assessment process. He will outline the history of the Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) process and its gaps in addressing background levels. While many states have slowly added background values for a select number of metals and radionuclides, the RBCA tools used by over half of the states in the U.S. still lack accessible values to allow simple screening during Phase II site investigation work. Even more problematic, some states have ultra-conservative risk criteria coupled with unrealistic background values that can confuse regulators and the regulated alike.

This webinar is essential for professionals involved in environmental due diligence, regulatory submissions, site investigations, and waste management. It will offer best practices and solutions to improve future site investigations and risk assessments.

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About the Speaker:


Kenneth S. Tramm, PhD, PE, PG, CHMM, Principal, Modern Geosciences
Dr. Kenneth Tramm has over 25 years of experience working on environmental assessment and remediation projects across the United States. He has served as a national Environmental Practice Leader for two international engineering firms prior to founding Modern Geosciences in 2011. He holds a doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer, Professional Geoscientist and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager. In addition to leading the environmental practice at Modern, Dr. Tramm is an adjunct professor teaching in UTA’s Engineering and Geoscience Departments, is the author of Environmental Due Diligence: A Professional Handbook and has served on several academic advisory boards. 

About the Moderator:

Melanie Veltman, Director, Research and Data, ERIS
Melanie joined ERIS in 2013 as a data researcher when the company was preparing to launch its service in the US market. As a Research and Data Manager, Melanie’s initiatives to develop data policies and streamline data processes have empowered ERIS’ team of analysts to research, analyze, collect, and load tens of millions of environmental risk records for the US states, territories, and districts, Canada, and Mexico. As Director, Research and Data, Melanie continues to develop and implement data process improvements so that ERIS can provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate environmental risk data.