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Webinar – Dry-Cleaning Sites: Important Considerations for Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation

Dry cleaners typically use chemical solvents to clean clothes and other fabrics that, if spilled or discharged, can contaminate soil and water. Dry-cleaning processes commonly use perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE). Because these solvents easily permeate and migrate through concrete or asphalt parking lots, they can impact a site’s soil and groundwater and create onsite vapor issues. PCE and TCE also are commonly identified as recognized environmental conditions (RECs) during environmental site assessments at dry-cleaning sites. Because many commercial properties and retail sites contain current and former dry cleaners, related issues arise in real estate transactions involving these sites, presenting unique environmental due diligence and remediation implications.

Please join Michael F. Marcon, PG, CAPM, of InControl Technologies, for a fascinating and informative discussion about dry cleaning related to environmental due diligence and assessment.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the dry-cleaning industry and the different types of facilities
  • Common issues for environmental due diligence at dry-cleaning sites
  • Sources of contamination and waste issues associated with dry cleaners
  • Investigation and remedial design/response action considerations for dry-cleaning sites
  • Regulatory considerations and the availability of cleanup funds or other incentives through state dry-cleaning programs
  • Emerging issues at dry-cleaning sites include PFAS

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About the Speaker

Michael F. Marcon, PG, CAPM, VP and Principal, InControl Technologies
For over 25 years, Michael has been the Senior Principal with InControl Technologies helping clients navigate the complex world of environmental regulations and site restoration. He has helped numerous client develop strategies to convert Brownfield properties into viable real estate investments. Michael has vast experience in assisting dry cleaners and property owners who have historical or current dry cleaning plants address the environmental contamination commonly associated with historical waste management activities. He also has an extensive relationship with many of the vendors and suppliers in the dry cleaning business proving him unparalleled knowledge of the operational practices in the dry cleaning industry over the past 75 years.  He has served as an environmental expert on over 40 cases involving dry cleaners. He has conducted numerous environmental compliance audits and managed over 500 dry cleaner investigation and remediation projects. Michael has used this experience to develop a number of streamlined assessment procedures to provide cost effective site characterization to help streamline site restoration.

About the Moderator:

Scott Davis, SVP, Industry Engagement, ERIS
Scott joined ERIS with the merger of GeoSearch in December, 2020. Scott was a founding partner and the Chief Operating Officer of GeoSearch for over 23 years. Upon his arrival at ERIS, Scott was responsible for the development and implementation of ERIS operational strategies and service processes. As of March 2022, Scott was appointed Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement, to oversee ERIS’ significant activities in the market, engaging with customers, association interests, tradeshows, and developing webinars, podcasts, and promoting industry thought leadership. Additionally, Scott has a significant depth of industry experience including project management, technical support for numerous environmental assessments, feasibility studies, and wetland determinations throughout the United States while working at Carter & Burgess, Maxim Engineering, Huntington and Southwestern Labs. Scott is the treasurer for the Industry Council on the Environment (ICE), founder and board member of the Central Texas Association of Environmental Professionals, and the Vice President of Municipal Utility District 23.