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Webinar – Integrating Climate Risk Assessment with Environmental Due Diligence

Climate risk considerations are front and center in commercial real estate transactions. Millions of U.S. properties are at risk, and many more will face increased vulnerability from climate-related hazards and extreme weather events. Property owners, environmental professionals, developers, lenders, and investors must increasingly evaluate and disclose physical climate risks for individual properties and more extensive portfolios. They also must align these assessments with existing due diligence processes. Critical to this evaluation is reliable climate data, especially data that focuses on physical climate risks, such as heat, fire, storms, floods, and drought. A new ASTM standard covering climate risk assessments will also offer guidance on how users can use this data and initiate the evaluation process.

This presentation will address the following:

• Physical climate risk data sets, sources, and an overview of the data providers.
• Factors driving increased attention to climate risk assessments.
• Data outputs/hazards included in a climate risk evaluation and the typical scope of the work for climate risk due diligence and existing portfolio analysis.
• The users of physical climate risk data, how they use it, and how environmental professionals can assist in the assessment process.
• An overview of ASTM’s new standard for climate risk and property resilience and its application for environmental due diligence.

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About the Speakers

Caleb Inman, Founder and CEO, Climate Check
Cal is the Founder and CEO of ClimateCheck, a climate risk data company. He is also a Bay Area commercial real estate developer and lecturer at UC Berkeley, Masters in Real Estate Development + Design.
Holly Neber, CEO, AEI Consultants
Holly Neber is CEO of AEI Consultants, an employee-owned property consulting firm with over 25 offices across the US. AEI Consultants provides building, environmental, land and sustainability assessment and consulting services throughout North America. In addition to her role at AEI, Ms. Neber previously served as President of CREW Network and the National Engineering and Environmental Due Diligence Association (NEEDDA), as a board member of the Real Estate Roundtable, and as an active member of the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) Sustainability Steering Committee, Berkeley Fisher Center for Real Estate Policy Advisory Board (PAB), ASTM International and frequent speaker to organizations such as the Environmental Bankers Association (EBA). Ms. Neber is currently chairing the development of an ASTM standard for the assessment of physical climate risk and other natural hazards for commercial properties.

About the Moderator:

Dave Colonna, Director, Lender Services, ERIS
Dave joined ERIS in the summer of 2021 and serves as the Director of their Lender Services Group. He has supported the needs of both Environmental Professionals and Lenders for the past 20 years. In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing golf and traveling with his family.