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Webinar – Repurposing Real Estate for Renewable Energy: Exploring Opportunities in the Energy Transition


ERIS presents an insightful webinar on the energy transition and its implications for the redevelopment of underutilized sites and the repurposing of industrial and commercial real estate. Gain valuable information and practical strategies for maximizing opportunities in this evolving landscape. During the webinar, our experts will:

• Explore the range of policy and financial incentives including tax credits, power purchase agreements, and other mechanisms that drive the adoption of renewable energy and make redevelopment projects economically viable.

• Navigate legal considerations and gain an understanding of regulatory frameworks, zoning restrictions, permits, and environmental assessments that shape siting decisions and the development process.

• Provide insight about conducting environmental due diligence to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with developing sites for solar and other renewable energy uses.

• Discuss inspiring case studies and real-world examples that highlight the successful transformation of neglected spaces into vibrant centers of clean energy generation. Explore how brownfields, former landfills, and other underutilized sites have been repurposed for solar farms, and more.

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About the Speakers:

Annika Colston, Founder & CEO, AC Power
Annika Colston is the Founder & CEO of AC Power, a company focused on developing and managing solar PV projects on landfill and brownfield sites. With nearly two decades of experience in alternative energy project development, Annika has worked with various stakeholders, including governments, local municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, landowners, and utilities. Before AC Power, Annika held positions at PV Navigator and C2i Methane, where she developed numerous solar and landfill gas projects. Throughout her career, she has also worked on projects related to anaerobic digestion, coal mine methane, hydropower, and energy efficiency. Annika is recognized as a pioneer in carbon credit markets and has a strong background in sustainable development. She holds a Master’s degree in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from Boston University.
Dan French, Founder & Principal, dbForesites
Dan is the Founder & Principal of dbForesites, a global advisory boutique translating planetary megatrends in economics, energy, and environment into actionable intelligence for funds, family offices, corporations, and governments. Known for his intense candor, cutting insights, sharp analyses, and unorthodox strategies, Mr. French is a former corporate attorney with a unique blend of domestic and international perspectives and deep experience with complex transactions and exotic classes of real estate and risk. Dan is also the Founder of Brightfield Productions, known for producing the Solar Farm Summit, North America’s Agrivoltaics Expo, in Chicago, as well as the Virginia Solar Summit in Richmond. Dan is known for producing dozens of dynamic development conferences in his career, from California to Minnesota to New Hampshire, creating deeply substantive and market-moving events with great catalytic effects and rare calibers of interdisciplinary collaboration and professional cross-pollination.
Betsy-Mason Betsy Mason, Associate General Counsel, Catalyze
Betsy Mason is Associate General Counsel at Catalyze, LLC, an independent power producer that provides integrated renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) real estate owners and their tenants. With over 30 years as an energy and environmental attorney in both the private and public sectors, Betsy collaborates closely with internal clients and external partners to resolve the complex commercial, financing, real estate, and permitting issues that arise during the development, construction, operation and acquisition/disposition of C&I photovoltaic solar, battery energy storage and EV charging projects and community solar projects. Betsy has published articles on real estate development, land use permitting, and environmental topics in national and regional publications, including The Real Estate Finance Journal, Real Estate Review, Real Estate Finance, Boston Business Journal, Banker & Tradesman, and BNA Environmental Due Diligence Guide. She has also given numerous presentations on such topics. Betsy holds a J.D. from Boston College Law School and a B.A. from Yale University.

About the Host:

Scott Davis, SVP, Industry Engagement, ERIS
Scott joined ERIS with the merger of GeoSearch in December, 2020. Scott was a founding partner and the Chief Operating Officer of GeoSearch for over 23 years. Upon his arrival at ERIS, Scott was responsible for the development and implementation of ERIS operational strategies and service processes. As of March 2022, Scott was appointed Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement, to oversee ERIS’ significant activities in the market, engaging with customers, association interests, tradeshows, and developing webinars, podcasts, and promoting industry thought leadership. Additionally, Scott has a significant depth of industry experience including project management, technical support for numerous environmental assessments, feasibility studies, and wetland determinations throughout the United States while working at Carter & Burgess, Maxim Engineering, Huntington and Southwestern Labs. Scott is the treasurer for the Industry Council on the Environment (ICE), founder and board member of the Central Texas Association of Environmental Professionals, and the Vice President of Municipal Utility District 23.