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A powerful, interactive tool for overlaying and analyzing data and historical images. Order as an add-on product to any Database Report, Physical Setting Report or Historical Product, including Aerials, Topos, and Fire Insurance Maps.

ERIS DIRECT Available Now!

A new online subscription service that provides real-time environmental risk information for properties throughout the US and Canada.

Introducing ERIS' New Physical Setting Report Available Now!

The ERIS PSR provides comprehensive information about the physical setting surrounding a site and includes a complete overview of topography and surface topology, in addition to hydrologic, geologic and soil characteristics. The location and detailed attributes of oil and gas wells, water wells, public water systems and radon are also included for review.


Under Trump, Agency Rulemaking Grinds to a Halt

May 23, 2017 - Agency rulemaking has essentially ground to a halt under the Trump administration and the president’s executive order on controlling regulatory costs could result in near gridlock for the next four years, panelists at an American Bar Association conference said.


Pruitt Calls for Streamlined Superfund Cleanup Program

May 23, 2017 - EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is seeking recommendations on how to optimize EPA oversight of the superfund program and increase the roles played by tribes, states, regions, and other federal departments in cleanup decisions.


Pruitt’s Superfund Focus Could Limit EPA Cleanup Spending, Fray Local Ties

May 23, 2017 - Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt released a memo indicating he wants to be involved in cleanup decisions earlier in the process, and formally sign-off on decisions at “megasites” where cleanups are expected to cost more than $50 million.