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Industry News

Dec 22, 2021

Changes Coming to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Commercial real estate (CRE) professionals are well aware that a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is required when acquiring commercial property. Originally intended to demonstrate that the buyer had undertaken “All Appropriate Inquiries”...


Nov 15, 2021

Urban Is Coming Back Strong… And Better Than Ever Before

During the pandemic, the media obsessed over urbanites fleeing the cities for more freedom and less dense places to live, which definitely happened to a certain extent. But, just like every other cycle of pandemic or urban fall out, this one will end...


Aug 18, 2021

Why Urban Commercial Real Estate is Here to Stay

Despite some predictions to the contrary, the walkable, urban lifestyle is very much alive. Even though COVID-19 presented many challenges to cities, these markets are incredibly resilient and always seem to rebound after a crisis.