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One Team. One Mission. Working for you in NY and the Midwest

Welcome to a new era for ERIS and GeoSearch! As you know, our companies joined forces in December, and we’re already making great progress integrating our data, products and services in order to continue providing you with industry-leading environmental risk information for the US, Canada and beyond.

Another way in which we’re integrating is within our wonderful and growing team of Regional Representatives, and we’d like you to know more about who is servicing your region now. In your case, we’re delighted to name Nick Freeman as your ERIS Regional Account Manager.

For those of you who already know Nick, you will continue to receive the excellent service he has always provided. For those of you who don’t know him yet, Nick is a seasoned rep from ERIS, leading ERIS’ growing commitment to Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and upstate New York.

Nick’s colleague, Peter Templeton, who served a segment of this region before Nick, continues to serve many mid-western states so he’s not gone far.

Nickolas FreemanNICK FREEMAN
Regional Account Manager,
Upstate NY & Midwest
States: Upstate NY, IL, MI, PA, OH
Connect with Nick on LinkedInContact with Nick at: (585) 808-7572

About Nick: Nick leverages his significant experience in both the Phase I and Phase II sides of the market, as well as his established relationships throughout the… Read more >>

Please reach out anytime to Nick from ERIS +GeoSearch — one team, working for you!